Storm Surge... HGW book 1

 When Summer discovers her family's secret, she'll turn to three men for solace and discover she's so much more than she ever imagined. After a devastating heartbreak, can Isabelle find redemption in the arms of another man? And what will Nik find with her? The summer heats up for a wounded heart and a lost soul, but will they win the day, or will outside forces hold them apart? When Drago faces his own morality, can he take the life of the woman who murdered his brother, or will he find something redeemable in the witch? Stories of awakening and discovery, heartache and redemption, and morality and destiny await you at Harbor Gardens Waterfront. Come spend your summer on the Key and believe again in the magic of soul mates.

Harbor Gardens Waterfront is located on Harbor Key, one of a handful of islands that comprise the archipelago known as Starlight Key, one of the country’s most unique vacation destinations. Harbor Gardens Waterfront is unlike anyplace else on earth. From the purple white sand of Bliss Beach to the old time amusement park rides, five star dining, world class music, and one of a kind shopping experiences, The Waterfront District of Harbor Gardens is a fantastic place to spend an afternoon at the movies or an evening during a vacation, but for those that work and live here, The Waterfront comes to life in a very different way with all the sex, drama and supernatural surprises that the world of Starlight Key holds, but for those who are faithful, for those who dare to risk everything, the greatest prize will be theirs... true soul deep love that lasts a lifetime.

Harbor Gardens Waterfront is a Starlight Key Serial, a little paranormal, a little guilty pleasure and a whole lot of fun! This is a world where immortals and witches hide in the shadows, Hollywood reigns bigger than life, and betrayals and vendettas are all in the family! There is a magical power, awakened only when twin souls unite.The union of souls that brings balance to the unseen layers of our world, calming the grieving mind and healing the tortured heart, fusing in the most powerful physical bliss anyone will ever know. In Starlight Key sex transcends the holy realms and eroticism is intensely spiritual. All brought to life by acclaimed author Samantha Lucas, drop your expectations and inhibitions at the door and delve deep into this wonderful new world.

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I did it!!! (i did it! i did it! i did it! i did it! i did it! i did it! i did it! i did it! )

Doing a happy dance of joy because... Harbor Gardens Waterfront made it to live mode!

I cannot begin to tell you how surreal it feels to have finally gotten this out. After all the debate, struggle, conflict, change in direction, formatting issues, then the last month long of roadblocks and brick walls and I still got this book out!

Two weeks late, yes, but it's done!

That’s amazing.

The system is not perfect. I’m still lagging behind on some tweaks to the site and the blogs, I’m still needing to polish this weekend’s full version… just need to give it one last go through, and I’m still struggling with no internet, but I have something out, it’s being read, and from the feedback I’ve gotten so far, it’s being enjoyed.

You have no idea how much that means.

Anyway, episodes 1 and 2 areavailable now. One of the changes I had to make to the original concept in order to accommodate my broken internet was to

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