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Writing Breakthroughs

Last week was a huge week for me writing-wise.

No, I didn't make any best seller's lists or get any big publishing contracts, but I finally found surrender in this area of my life and that, for me, is huge.

Spirituality is simply the thing I base my life on. It's not religion and it's not anything specific, but all my life I've felt connected to a being greater than myself. As a child it was Christian based, but today it's simply a deep seated desire to align myself with that energy that I define as god and to be a part of that. Nothing else matters to me, that's what I call living my truth.

So while I've been tearing apart and picking through my entire life these past few years, one place I've never really done anything about was my writing. I just sort of always saw it as what I did, who I was, what was there to figure out?

For me, the non-fiction I do, whether that be blogs, articles or facebook posts, that's my soul work, so I always write it from that place of channeling. Letting the light and wisdom of god simply flow through me onto the page, but I never saw the need, or even the ability to do the same with fiction.

Well, as I told a friend earlier, I finally dealt with the MY component in the term, my writing and realized, yes it's what I do and who I am which means I absolutely need to

A Return to My Author Side

Lately I have been very lax at being the author side of me, so much spiritual going on in my life and I was being dragged for the most part, just barely able to keep up. I am well on the path now to integrating all my different pieces, I sound like someone with multiple personalities sheesh... of course... if the shoe fits. ;-)

Anyway, I've made a major life decision, no more thinking! lol I'm going to be doing a lot more doing as I race towards the destiny in store for me which is honestly very exciting, but for all of you who have supported me, either for years, or for a week, for those of you who read every one of my books... who I cannot express appreciation to you enough! Here's a reminder of my amazing, wonderful, heart-stopping, love stories and a bit of what's in store for the future.

My best selling book to date is The Seduction of Anne Ruby, it's a story about Hollywood bad boy Grey Hendrix and his love affair with the sweet innocent Anne Ruby... oh yeah and did I mention... the bad boy is a very good Dom!

I've got two books out written under the pen name Grace Anthony. What makes these books different is quite frankly they're written 100% from the hero's point of view, which I found delightful to write and intend to do a few more this year. They are short, HOT and sweet with a satisfying ending for all. Those books are Affair with the Nanny and The Arrangement.

I am still working out my Starlight Key world but I am closer than ever to breaking through on this, I feel it in my bones! I'm telling you, I'm promising you, when I have that thing slid home, all the pieces in place... you will not be able to resist! I will have you at my mercy begging for more!!! roflmao Ah, I"m in a mood today.

Seriously though, these characters, the legend, the universe I've created, omg it's been so much fun and I cannot wait for it to start drawing readers in from everywhere, because I have not a doubt that it will and that excites me beyond belief.

Well, it's a new week, still early on in our new year and it's the first week of spring... how powerful! The energy is

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